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Killing the Sales Game

Looking to find the right outsourced lead generation team? Thinking like a Murderer might just help.

Michael Myers character -

October is arguably the best month of the year. The air is refreshingly crisp, the trees burst with brilliant color, pumpkin spice is everywhere and most importantly, the dead come to mingle with the living and fictional serial killers are celebrated as saints.

Who better exemplifies the spirit of the season than Michael Myers? He’s the ultimate embodiment of murder and evil, but oddly enough, he also has the ideal traits of a good #prospector.

No, I’m not implying that you should seek out sinister sociopaths when hiring a business development team. What I am suggesting is the attributes you want in your #prospecting crew are identical to Michael Myers’ five strongest character traits.

Intelligence – This is a bit of a ‘no brainer’, pun fully intended. So, while you do not need your team to possess the IQ of Stephen Hawking, you need them to have enough in the ol’ noggin to think quick on their feet. Myers, like most sociopaths, is intelligent. If you have got a brain, then you’ll likely realize that trusting someone with your business development requires them to have some solid, verifiable smarts.

Patience – Nothing says patience like biding your time for 15 years in a psychiatric hospital, only to immediately return to your last murder scene the moment you are able, simply to continue on your merry murderous way. A #leadgen team with even half this amount of patience will always have success finding hard to reach prospects.

Quick learner – Mr. Myers is almost MacGyver-esque in his ability to acquire and adapt to new information with minimal time and effort. A successful #businessdevelopment team has no choice but to do the same: outsourced lead generation requires quickly understanding a variety of #B2B clients and most importantly, being able to distil and convey that client’s service/product to prospective customers effectively.

Extreme persistence – Without a doubt, this is Michael’s strongest trait. Nothing can stop him when his mind is set to murder, not even his own death repeated hundreds of times. This kind of single-minded focus and #persistence should be your lead gen partner’s number one trait as well.

The ability to catch up to all runners, even though it appears he's just leisurely strolling – Michael Myers always catches his prey, even if said prey is an Olympic sprinter. He manages to achieve this by following the target at the break-neck speed of an 80-year-old mall walker. He is the epitome of calm, cool, collected, and #confident. Similarly, your business development partner shouldn’t be overly aggressive during a #qualifying conversation. Success in catching a good lead is as simple as following the tactics of Mr. Myers – minus all the stabbing and murder.

Here at #CapstoneCalling, we all love to cold call and apparently might be able to moonlight as murderers. Hire us, if you dare?

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