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Sales Pipeline Management Simplified - Part 2

The Perfect People Trifecta!

Perfect Salesperson -

Last week, I discussed the different types of prospects in your #salesprocess and how and when you should be in touch with them. This week, I’ll discuss the people doing the touching. (I said it last week but I’ll say it again to be safe - get your mind out of the gutter, people).

Although a prospect won’t shape shift into a different person entirely, their needs and moods can alter as they flow through the stages of your sales #pipeline.

One prospect can suddenly have multiple personalities dependent on where they are in the buying process - Curious Carl could turn into Stubborn Steve and then switch to Needy Nit-Picking Norman in a matter of a year. You expect one sales person to possess the varied skill sets to successfully interact with all of these personalities. The ideal sales and marketing process will have at least three types of people handling three different roles.

The Inbound Marketing Guru

What they do: They are the first line of offense in drawing in potential prospects

How they do it: Creating interesting, unique, and useful content that successfully tackles the ever changing trickery of SEO.

Usual personality traits: Analytical, Creative

The #Sales Development Rep

What they do: Take over the leads drawn in from the marketing team, target accounts that were not susceptible to #marketing efforts, qualify prospects, set #appointments for account executives.

How they do it: Research, cold calling, phone follow up, targeted emails, vigilant tracking of contact via CRM software

Usual Personality Traits: Persistent, detail-orientated, stubborn, thick-skinned, funny.

The Account Executive aka The Closer

What they do: Meet with highly #qualified prospects, construct proposals, close deals.

How they do it: Relationship building, high-level product knowledge, identifying and understanding a buyer’s challenges, engaging with people and winning trust.

Usual personality traits: Thrive on contact with people, persuasive, confident.

In case you haven’t caught on yet…

Our #CapstoneCalling sweet spot is providing the Sales Development Rep part-time or full-time, in an outsourced, yet fully integrated (your CRM, your domain, etc.) capacity, so that you don’t have to manage yet another personality and you can just reap the benefits.

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