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Sweetly Strong-arm Contacts Into Market Research Interviews

So you’ve realized the best avenue for understanding your market is via qualitative research, aka one-on-one interviews. You’ve got your list of target contacts, primarily consisting of your past and current clients. A quick email or call and the floodgates open, the indispensable market wisdom pouring out from the lips of your interviewee.

Shockingly, this isn’t how things tend to come to fruition. Your marketing needs, not surprisingly, aren’t at the top of your client’s priority list. Participating in market research interviews tend to reside even lower on the to-do list of past customers and potential prospects. How do you address this dilemma? Bribery. Just pay the jerks. The interviews will come flowing in, filled with glowing reviews on the perfection of a relationship with your company.

Mob tactics not your style? Looking for research that skews toward the honest and objective and will actually help you effectively target future customers? You have no choice but to do it the hard way – utilize effective prospecting tactics to get your contacts to talk to you.

Same strategy, different results

Convincing your contacts to agree to interviews is no different than getting leads into #qualifiedsales appointments – you’ll achieve success on both fronts through well-honed prospecting tactics.

1. Be persistent - don’t fear the possible need for multiple calls in order to get an interview scheduled. If your contact doesn’t want to do it, let them be the one to tell you. Assumptions about bothering people are your worst enemy in getting results.

2. Be clear and detailed in what you’re asking – once you get a hold of your contact, don’t BS the person just to make it easier for them to agree to an interview. Telling them it will only take a few minutes of their time will inevitably irritate the hell out of them when it ends up taking 30-45 minutes.

3. Use humor – if you have to leave multiple voice mails and emails before finally nailing down an interview, don’t keep using the same boring messages. Getting someone to laugh is the best way to keep your attempts from becoming white noise. Your contact is far more apt to agree to a lengthy interview if they think it will be somewhat entertaining.

Need voice of customer interviews that will get you all the best info for your marketing team? Trouble getting time from your target contacts? Shoot us an email at info@capstonecalling.com to learn how we can help!

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