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When Inbound Fails, Old School Prevails

#Sales and #Marketing are all about reactions. Ideally your prospects come to you and raise their hands - if they don't - it's time to get proactive!

Will Ferrell's character in Old School -

In an ideal world, all your most sought-after prospects are waiting for you to come courting. They see you calling, they pick up. They subscribe to your fascinating company blog, follow you on Twitter, and willingly hand over all their savory contact info on your website. Inbound marketing is a great way to grab those looking, the low hanging fruit, the people that are raising their hands. It is reactive in the best way.

When your inbound efforts fail to crack that steely façade of coveted, potential clients in a predictable and repeatable way, what else can you do? How can you be proactive?

You bust out the old school tactics: you get on that phone and do some #coldcalling. Forgotten how? Here are 3 targeted account development tips to get you back in the game.

1. Cast a wide net

It is doubtful you know the exact person in charge of purchasing decisions, so don’t assume anything at the start. Yes, maybe the VP of Operations is the final decision maker, but the Assistant VP could be in on it too. Decisions could be made by an interdepartmental committee. The middle management guy probably doesn’t decide anything, but his input might be invaluable to the person who does. You just do not know until you’ve actually talked to all of these people, so don’t narrow your targets initially.

2. Figure out how to stand out

“I’m calling to talk to you about how amazing we are/how much money we can make you/why you need our product.” Sound familiar? Of course it does. It will sound so familiar to everyone you #call that your company’s name will be lost in the vast white noise of every other prospective company. Be interesting. Be funny. Be slightly crazy. Just figure out a useful way to be unique and memorable.

3. Doooon’t Stop. Beliiieeevin’

Let the sweet, comforting sounds of Journey be your spirit guide for understanding the two most important rules of calling into targeted accounts – be #consistent and be #persistent. Did one of your contacts give you a quick “not interested” and hang up? Call someone else. Did you leave 5 #voicemails and still not receive a call back? Leave a few more.

Old School Not Your Jam?

Hire a pro to do your dirty work. Not an intern, not a newbie. Hire someone that loves it. There are people that love to #coldcall, like #CapstoneCalling!

And if you don’t know at least five lines from the movie Old School by heart, it’s time to watch it again. Frank the Tank was referring to a beer funnel but the same can be true about the #salesfunnel – keep on filling it up, folks! “Fill it up again! Fill it up again! Once it hits your lips, it's so good!”

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